Brave New World

The media generations of 1927 onward publication of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, Indra's Net of Gems, and Neil Postman on Aldous Huxley

Neil Postman in 1985 alerted humanity of the Internet to come and a potential disaster if the mass mind ("The People", all of us) were not educated by Marshall McLuhan's work based on Finnegans Wake. In 2017, Andrew Postman, son of Neil Postman, declared in public that his father's 1985 prediction had come true!

Brave New World is an essential part of the eucation system if the "FinWakeIndraNet" project, the "Experience Mythology Project" is another name I am using. All teachers and educators in the world must urgently start Learning Education Teaching!

BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED, 1958, by Aldous Huxley

"In the Brave New World of my fable there was no whisky, no tobacco, no illicit heroin, no bootlegged co­caine. People neither smoked, nor drank, nor sniffed, nor gave themselves injections. Whenever anyone felt depressed or below par, he would swallow a tablet or two of a chemical compound called soma. The original soma, from which I took the name of this hypothetical drug, was an unknown plant (possibly Asclepias aeida) used by the ancient Aryan invaders of India in one of the most solemn of their religious rites. The intoxicating juice expressed from the stems of this plant was drunk by the priests and nobles in the course of an elaborate ceremony. In the Vedic hymns we are told that the drinkers of soma were blessed in many ways. Their bodies were strengthened, their hearts were filled with courage, joy and enthusiasm, their minds were enlightened and in an immediate ex­perience of eternal life they received the assurance of their immortality. But the sacred juice had its draw­backs. Soma was a dangerous drug -- so dangerous that even the great sky-god, Indra, was sometimes made ill by drinking it. Ordinary mortals might even die of an overdose. But the experience was so transcendently blissful and enlightening that soma drinking was regarded as a high privilege. For this privilege no price was too great."


metaphors of LSD drug, - Finnegans Wake as a reverse of this metaphor soma!

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