Old Music Film Books

I look around in 2024 and I see all over Google Maps that there are one-media venues all over Earth, the Pale Blue Dot. Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, Temples that are dedicated to a single set of stories, often a single book, from thousands of years ago.

Yet, the attitude is among youth is often that a 1959 song from Elvis is outdated. Or a TV show from 1983 is too old.

Finnegans Wake is all about realizing how things are created, much like James Burke's TV series "Connections" and "The Day the Universe Changed".

In making decisions about technology creation, adoption, and when it goes wrong - understanding our own experience and mistakes is often the the best learning tool we have.

Perhaps it is not so important to learn all the stories in those books, films, TV shows, songs, operas, art work - but how to access them, how they were shared, what was lost media - and what was commonly experienced. What stories made predictions, what teachers looked ahead, and why Finnegans Wake as a media study template has proven to be worth the labor of interpretation and understanding.