Tower of Babel Metaphor

#WWWOpera #FinWakeIndraNet  - Finnegans Wake 1927 onward publication by James Joyce, "The Fall of Mankind" and the "Tower of Babel" of media generations. see also: 1968 "War and Peace in the Global Village" by Marshall McLuhan about Finnegans Wake.
World-wide Mythology monomyth patterns, Spoke and Written language patterns fron across the globe, Finnegans Wake is great at teaching!

How High Can You Get in Thunderwords?

Finnegans Wake has 10 Thunders, "How High in the Tower of Babel can We get?" Can you climb the 10 Thunderwords of FInnegans Wake? They are hard to memorize and pronouce out loud, but well worth the climb of world-wide langauge translation Babel!

Direct link to YouTube Playlist for 10 Thunderwords braekdown:

Opera playlist of metaphors of "The Fall of Mankind" that is core to Irish writer James Joyce's story Finnegans Wake. The Tower of Babel metaphor to climb back up afer the Fall of Adam / Eve.

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“History, Stephen said, is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” ― James Joyce, Ulysses