Parenting / Education by Osmosis

"I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no person should witness. Gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. Infants killed by trained nurses. Women and babies shot and killed by high school and college graduates. So I'm suspicious of education. My request is: help your students to be human. Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, or educated Eichmanns. Reading and writing and spelling and history and arithmetic are only important if they serve to make our students human."

You know what occurred to me? We teach everything in the world to people, except the most essential thing. And that is life. Nobody teaches you about life. You're supposed to know about it. Nobody teaches you how to be a human being and what it means to be a human being, and the dignity that it means when you say, "I am a human being." Everyone assumes this is something you have, or you should have gotten by osmosis. We'll it's not working by osmosis! 

[From the chapter "The Art of Being Fully Human" pg. 127 of "Living, Loving & Learning" by Leo Buscaglia, Ph. D. as he refers to Haim Ginott's book]

The Problem of  Levant Education - giving up on honesty about authority

Parenting and society education from clergy / teachers that said god's words were why people should behave a way removes self-awareness from the students and behavior is attributed to words of one person instead of inner understanding of personal genetics hardware and dignity of equality.

On January 14, 2024 I had a discussion on Reddit where I pointed out that I had analyzed hundreds of films and TV shows where I had seen a pattern of following society education without having developed self-awareness. The osmosis metaphor of Leo B above seems to be the central issue that was bothering me enogh to make such a statement. The films and TV shows being that osmosis - and Joseph Campbell's education about films being made for money and making/breaking lives (again osmosis education).

But the problem of Levant is that it seems we gave up on direct education and rely on osmosis or tricking people into saying these are god's laws and putting people to death / enforced with violence - or starvation/shunning.

This Reddit discussion has turned into 10 hours of thought for me, as I'm trying to articulate it in a way that Leo B did in that writing - but apply it to courtship teachings. and describe the void of parenting nad clergy in either tricking with authority of god laws or avoiding education all together (which public schools in USA do not teach compassion, and again - the Church relied on hell and damnation as threats).

There is a violence in birth, physical death from sex - both specific diseases that spread - and childbirth itself having complications. And Malala haw pointed out that women are not educated, and Taliban systems of power emphasize on not educating women - as a means to trick them into powerlessness as a "solution" to the problems of courtship - and this is a form of bondage by depriving languge and expressio. Which iwth my autism this January 14, 2024 discussion really left me realizing the void that osmosis has left in communicating the problem of courtship and even non-sexual attraction to a stranger that may be merely a function of circumstance (the woman was walking home from work).

It is the protest of society public that the Reddit posting was by a woman, and I  think the protest is right along with Malala's - the education of systems being the heart - which Leo B referenced with his osmosis metaphor.

There is a braodcast media topic here of the clergy and now Hollywood TV and films... that there IS an osmosis, with a de-emphasis on personal self-awareness in the communications gap and protesting society - not hate towards the other individual (love thy enemy, hate distorts thinking as MLK Jr says). Deception The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another song - and Malala's focus on educating girls, but ... blah blah, need to edit ;) Very hard to articulate this beyond Leo, Joyce, etc.

This needs editing, but now 11 hours of thought into this, I had to start somewhere on trying to put into language. It's been a very difficult struggle, which I stumbled into without anticipating. Which I'd rather start on than dismiss.  Estimating articulation on these 500 films and TV shows I estimate could now take many months. this page is a mental placeholder.

Reference / Adjacent ideas that I pondered at the time of the Reddit comment

"what is unfortunate for us is that a lot of the people who write these stories do not have the sense of their responsibility. These stories are making and breaking lives. But the movies are made simply to make money. The kind of responsibility that goes into a priesthood with a ritual is not there. That is one of our problems today." (Campbell, 1986)

I don't really see how night or day or weather conditions is a significant factor. Although Roger Ebert's review of Twilight comes to mind.

Another thought... forgetting. Biological urges such as homone cycles of day, month, age, etc. Influence from recnelty consumed marketing and advertising "sex sells", or even desires beyond sexuality. Invasions of nations that aren't based on sex but other desires are some fof the osmisis learning patterns. Anyway, the need for repeat education and not just "you graduated" assumption of permanence in retention and agreement. "Grab the By the Pussy" of 2016 onward role models, rock stars, sports stars, hollywood stars etc. 

Very immature, very incomplete.