Divided By Zero was a work I tried to create as part of this December 16, 2009 onward WWWOpera when I came to realize the Kremlin information warfare / Cambridge Analytica interference was ongoing on the Internet and not just a society "fad" or seasonal change in group behavior. 

I may try to salvage the entire multiple HTML pages and research and publish them at some point, right now it's just the index page here, and revision 051.

I ended up abandoning the work, because the feedback I got from family was silence and rejection. I wasn't prepared to keep writing i prose alone, and I  kept working on social media publishing within context of society and ultimately I went to Interactive Fiction work on the blog / website of www.WakeReality.com to publish on the Google Play and Websites as interactive fiction.  I have struggled for over 14 years to put Finnegans Wake patterns / War and Peace in Global Village McLuhan ideas into prose, and ultimately in 2024 as I write this page you re reading - my best hope is the WWWOpera idea. Let the music and lyrics speak the ideas of the monomyth patterns I'm trying to highlight as critical to now.

At times I do wish I had stuck with writing Divided by Zero for another 6 months, to about 500 pages, but time keeps on slipping into the future.