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"Mozart in the WWW IndraNet Jungle" of MonoMyth fighting, conductor notes on chaining of songs and thematic references of #WWWOpera

I can't find it at the moment (haha), but one of the videos in the "Opera" talks about how you can open Finnegans Wake at any point. The center of Finnegans Wake is more dense, and I have tried to structure the Earwicker musical funeral Pub Crawl (on website) with some of that in mind, currently it centers 2:00am as the hardest - furthest from the shallows.  This is in "Rolling Release", which means I'ts being revised on a steady basis / the editing and rewriting is part of the iteration of Finnegans Wake - story without begin or end, and the idea of 1968 Marshall McLuhan's future focus on Finnegans Wake "War and Peace in the Global Village".

Some tips on approaching the "Opera" of Fin Wake Indra Net:

Yes, I wrote that oddly ;)

Playlist Notes from the organizer of this opera, RoundSparrow: