"Mozart in the WWW IndraNet Jungle" of MonoMyth fighting, conductor notes on chaining of songs and thematic references of #WWWOpera

Tina Turner's Private Dancer

Acid Queen Tommy with Tina Turner singing and acting

Tommy from The Who, the album and film, Steely Dan's entire collection + Donald and Walter's books, public interviews, their albums and songs published under their own identity and not just those of "Steely Dan" band.

Keep in mind... I am following Campbell's core teaching when I undertook this Experience Mythology Project on December 16, 2009. To turn off computer and act from my own inner dreams, like Luke Skywalker in 1977 Star Wars film turning off the computer as Bill Moyers and Campbell talked about. Being around social media since age 13, I have used travel, music, food, mythology, and marriages as a "from the inside out" inner intution. So some of these song associations and links may not seem easy to grasp or learn, but it is authentic art of my won inner dreams and associations of band to band, song to song, song to book, computer generations, medium generations, etc, etc, etc, etc. "War and Peace in the Global Village" rally is a crticial reference for this 14+ year project you are reading notes about. Enjoy and Compassion and Love for All Mankind!