Divided By Zero

By Stephen Alfred Gutknecht.

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New York Professor Joseph Campbell is a primary source for this document. Proper references to source material are attempted. Please contact if not correct. I declare this document to be Public Domain, free to share, on all the Universe. Donations to support my material life are always welcome, to me personally, and I also suggest the JCF.

The title Divided By Zero is a reference to mathmatics. In rational math, it is not possible to divide one or two by zero. "Divide by Zero" is also an exception encountered frequently in computing when a software programmer mistakenly initilizes a variable. Overall, the theme that God can not be divided by man, and that all fiction and non-fiction art (expressions) converge to be indivisible. Science, Religion, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Art - they are all indivisible. It is only the educations and viewpoints of the human brain that create these artificial divisions. As Campbell fully explains, this is also the Eye of Reason that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America intended to be used in modern democracy. It is also the Sufi view of Islam.

The quotes are essential to me. As in my lifetime, I feel deeply that we have ignored the best of human experience - discarding it due to outer wrapping. Further, we have mostly accepted the worst of new learning techniques, only due to the fast immediate payoff (Edward Bernays teachings). The quotes are important to shared context, as it must be seen how little attention has been given to these public broadcasts that have collected dust - and how they interconnect. Most of all, I am always in a state of sadness, seeing the symbol of the Founding Fathers Eye of Reason in tears, as our Symbolic Eagle was created pointing at the Olive Branch. During my life, we have had homeland peacetime - but we have ignored these deeper educators - wasting our peace in building for the next wartime. When do we really choose to confront our society ego issues and listen to our Troubadour artists? The songs and other art do not provide escape for me, they provide reminders of the Olive Branch that we seem to have forgotten.


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Initial Quotes

Some primer quotes to get things rolling on the vast depth of the topics at hand. Spanning thousands of years and all the continents of the Earth. Digestion and integration of these concepts is essential, to get beyond the ego reactionary of "this vs. that". It is advised and invited to memorize and study the source material for all these quotes. Technical note: If this HTML page is loaded correctly, some parts are highlighted like this.

With some leading emphasis:

I think by now, it is obvious: I find myself like, Stephan A. Hoeller (born in Budapest, Hungary), who declared in this free Free Audio Lecture about Campbell - agreeing with almost everything Campbell said about the modern world viewpoints of religion and philosophy. Anyway, a lot of these quotes will be the basis of my own person life experience and book chapters I intend to author.

“Life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends.” ― Joseph Campbell, Creative Mythology (1968)

Initial Quotes, Set 2 - Society non-violence

Initial Quotes, Set 3 - Sufi Topics

Initial Quotes, Set 4 - Autism Topics

Initial Quotes, Set 5 - Two Richards

Richard Feynman, Richard Stallman.

ref: Ring compsitio in Myths: http://www.starwarsringtheory.com/

Intention of this Document

I, Stephen Alfred Gutknecht, am speaking for myself to defend certain methods of thought, "Eye of Reason" and it's general painful difficulty. To live in a society where things are divided.

BE WARNED: This section is a mess of brainstorm and emotions, not all kind and nice. It needs massive editing, rework, etc. I'm trying to find the center of my topics, it is still very early in this writing.

general concerns:

Why is it in year 2015 we consider ourselves so educated when we keep overlooking all these things our artists are saying? We dance to songs, but do not listen to their lyrics. Too many of us are blind in the *Eye of Reason*, being MasterMan and not being a total human.

Reference Art - Music Songs

To me, personally inward, it is important to pay attention to the decades these artists have been ignored. The years the songs were published and entered into the society "Public Dream" (Carl Jung terminology). The poems are complex and fit with Campbell's definition of Sublime art (in his review of art in The Inner Reaches of Outer Space). They are not movtivated by money as much as the more popular, and speak Troubadour Year 1210 Truth against society corruption:

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Now, before we get started, put all those quotes out in front of you and keep them in your mind and in your view. Spiral into content. "Eye of Reason" as defined by Campbell, "Pale Blue Dot" as defined by Carl Segan. Dance!

Chapter 1: Oceans

As I stood on the beach in Bali Indonesia on New Years Eve, after exiting the beautiful modern shopping mall - having just then seen the terrible New Hobbit movie - I saw thousands and thousands of people preparing for an evening of individual rocket launches. Indonesia has the most liberal visa policies I have encountered in the world, despite my personal conflict with the border guard, the resulting gathering of people showed just how flexible and dynamic - how alive - this society was. The motorbike crowded streets were insane in regard to human safety, but full of adventure and zeal.

As I sat there, with the ocean waves lapping against my heart - something stirred deeper and deeper inside me. I had lived next to the ocean for 12 months in Arica, Chile - and watched the waves from my beautiful hilltop appartment - and the kind and loving families who had welcomed my now ex-wife and I into that society. But here on New Years Eve in Bali - something really was going on inside me. Here I was... having the same marriage conflicts in a second marriage, my partner unable to communicate deeply with me nor understand me. And I started to sense that more New Years were coming, that I had seen a calendar suggesting China had one, and I was already a Sufi Muslim - and knew that that was a third New Years. And the ocean tides, moved by the Orbiting Satellite like clockwork - and even the joyful rainfalls every afternoon in Summer New Year of Bali. I was far from my December Winter of midwestern North America youth that Bob Seger sings of in Roll Me Away.

Was I reacting to my education? Albert Einstein's e=mc^2 equation did not take into account his own Jewish education. He did not look at religion as biologically grounded as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and many others had. That the human brain itself was a processing machine, and could reveal hints of the black holes and big bang of our own universe. That our odd social behaviors, rituals, and even our wedding ceremonies can provide hints of what aspects of uncertainty that were missing from his mathmatics equation.

Paul Simon's song 50 ways to leave your lover - was perhaps recalled to me (having experienced it at the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on at the NOLA Jazz Festival), the beauty of this song - I now call a Siloutee of Love (in many art forms) - how easy it is to destroy in the universe, but not how hard it is to create. How e=mc^2 is a lopsided equation. Dark Matter - 50 ways to leave your universe - and how many ways to Big Bang it? This is how The Little Prince works, the abscence, the lonliness, the isolation, the missing community - it speaks to All. Here I was, in Bali - with rocket launches by Everyone. A Christmas tree in a mixed Hindu Muslim society right behind me in that shopping mall.

Within weeks of that Bali New Years Eve, I was describing to my marriage partner - drawing on the glass wall of a shower that divided us - by drawing waves - that my own body hormones impacted my mental behavior. That I felt religion and biology - the prayer movemenets of Islam and even the calendar of Ramadan were interlinked to the black holes that spin our Star Solaris and our Moon. I was using metaphors without full realization of how deep these connections really are inside our human brain. My subconsious computer was crunching away at my education trying to make sense of a Socratic Logic when the world is not binary nor Socratic.

Hey, it's early writing ;) I just pour it on page, in overlapping waves, dupe and mixed, and then try to sort it out. Chapter 2: Coins In the 1980's, teenage years, I started to collect coins and paper currency of beyond normal values. I found there were still silver coins in circulation and it was just a matter of taking the time to look at the symbols. People for decades had not really looked at the symbol. Sure, I'm not talking meaning here - but the experience. THis also started to appear to me in film dialogs. Especially popular music, films and television. Sports predictions when I had almost no passion for televised and live sporting events. Listening to people's passion and predictions - and