Non-instrumental Reason Thinking

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, published 1927 onward, supplemented with 1968 book "War and Peace in the Global Village" by Marshall McLuhan - is an excellent teaching method for non-instrumental reason thinking in the human mind.

Duke University's Rick Roderick in the 1990's was a great teacher on how to recognize and define non-instrumental reason thinking.  Rick Roderick:

The attempt to demystify the world, the attempt to make the world, as it were, transparent to reason carried with it a strange dark side, always. And you may notice this when you watch television now. The more we, as it were, cleared the fields of the traditional religious views, the more that we became convinced that science – and one term for that Marcuse uses is “Instrumental reason”; reason used as an instrument for changing nature and human beings – the more that the enlightenment project progressed, it simply turned out not to be the case that we became less afraid in the face of the unknown. No, the unknown appeared more terrifying than ever, and it wasn’t the case that we became less dogmatic, as a matter of fact, the sciences have now branched out into so many areas that the only way anyone could believe in any of them is dogmatically since none of us could study them because we don’t have world enough or time.