Thinking and Toxic Leaders

RoundSparrow's personal thoughts on world wide (Pale Blue Dot) leaders we all follow, the signals and teachers we choose as our daily mentors.

Thinking is painful and difficult for all of us. We don't have the time, and it takes a lot of external validation - debate, reading books, studying what teachers have learned from the past, etc. As MLKJr says, thinking is painful. All of us, all people.

It isn't that people don't think... it is that they consistently empower people who do awful and bad things. They praise businessmen who cheat, lie, wreck the Earth (and cover it up with deception), people flock to Toxic Clergy and  Toxic Leaders when there ARE others, alternatives. And you see them weal clothing, hoist flags, etc for Toxic Leaders! They want to empower bad thinking for decades! Same with news networks, they praise & fund advertisers of bad thinking, for years, same toxic signal.

10 hours of hard personal thinking about a business leader to work for, which job you take... research, study, listen to the critics of the organization.

10 hours of hard personal thinking about the clergy you subscribe to attend each week, prayers you do, etc. Research, study, evaluate, annually review if they really fit your own personal thinking.

10 hours of hard personal thinking about the political organizations, political parties, and top leaders of your region and nation - are you thinking or following blindly? Are they sincere, honest, earnest people or salesmen for toxic interests?

Obvious 10 hours is just an example, but it is as if people spend 10 hours putting up signs and talking about their boss or political candidates instead of actually thinking about the systems and leadership paths these leaders will take for all of us, as a group.

Same goes with news sources. Why is junk and fake news so common, because it is funded by audiences members who purchase avertised goods and view he signal. When you see that signal is obviously toxic to society, why don't people stand up and stop supporting it in favor of choices that are non-toxic?

This is why media ecology is so important. Advertising and marketing pushed to people isn't thinking, ti's following blindly.

This is my personal writing, which people avoid. I recommend reading about the same ideas from teachers like Neil Postman, Marshall McLuhan, Peter Pomerantsev, Bill Moyers, Howard Bloom. I am using this Opera Collage Art because I want the ideas to be expressed by others, this isn't about just me talking to my own self. Finngans Wake is the root of all my communications, and I think all of humanity is better off assimilating what James Joyce was highlighting and illustrating in our own brains. Sorry my personal words are so disappointing, I'm dong my best, including citing words and art expression s I consider superior to my own personal creation. Based on my media experience and world travelers, I think humanity has largely overlooked some great teachings, wonderful education, and we could all get along better with a common global comprehension of our interactions - again, Finnegans Wake being a great basis for that common learning and teaching. Thank you.