Finnegans Wake as Foundation for Learning Teaching Education

Professor Marshall McLuhan of Toronto Canada, Professor Neil Postman of New York United States, Professor Rick Roderick of Duke University

Peter Pomerantsev, Howard Bloom, Carl Sagan, Bill Moyers, Joseph Campbell, George Lucas, many more  - Indra's Net of educators and teachers

The web, the  Internet, since the 2007 advent of the Apple iPhone / smartphones, has become dominate in all areas of human life. Nothing has reversed this trend and I propose a new movement in education, teaching, learning, study - based on acceptance of ths role the Internet has in daily lives across the globe, Pale Blue Dot.

Core changes in human behavior regarding media:

Yes this writing is odd, mixed with personal and professional. It is representative of the crisis situation we are in and my autism. I could edit it further, but I already know that .  It is the voices of the YouTube playlists and the coursware I have built aht I hope speaks for the cade. I hope that Finnegans Wake and 1968 Marshall McLuhan book "War and Peace in the Global Village" speaks for itself. The problem si, that they are not speaking to people today in 2024 :( I predicted the Arab Spring in December 16, 2009 when I started my project - I did not know WHERE it would be, but I knew a media-induced revolution was at hand based on Austin SXSW events and culture, my own direct social media experience going back to age 13 with radio and digital in 1983 onward. Working as socil media manager for a professional sports team owner, music museum creator, technology creator in the late 1990's where I had data-cener level Internet access each day with 24x7 access = while others were on 33K dial-up analog - really put into perspective what Carl Sagan published on January 9, 1994 in the Washington Post... and his 1995 book that went deeper into the same topics.  Neil Postmans' words were ringing in my ear from my 1980's Public Library research on media ecology.

This isn't about bragging, leave that to politicians, this is about understanding. I got a job at age 16 for a Pentagon military contractor in information sytes as an apprentice. I created the position by writing a letter and asking them to give me a minimum wage job as I did not want to work at McDonald's. At that job I had 24x7 office access an time I wanted to use the computers, books, magazines. I had access to expensive professional computer industry agazines and books, and I was paid minimum wage to read them - and I often took them home to study on my own time. Information Systems and access to industry magazines and Internet speeds in the 1990's that almost nobody else had - I saw generations of media come and go at incubation rates that shows me firt-hand what Toronto Professor Marshall McLunan was saying in his 1968 book about Joyce's  FInnegans Wake as entirely true. And my Pentagon contractor apprenticeship taught me to focus on "War and Peace" through information systems. Who else has that level experience at age 16? I created from-scratch a Reddit-style social media system and sold it commercially at age 15, in 1986! No parents, no neighbors, no teacher taught me computers, I learned from public library, experiments at home, and magazines.

I was technical editing and authoring for academic book publishers without even finishing a year of college!