Project Assistance

For over 14 years, I have self funded this Finnegans Wake + Marshall McLuhan 1968 "War and Peace in the Global Village" project ("Experience Mythology Projject") which I now in 2024 have associated too with Indra's net of Gems concepts... calling it "Fin Wake Indra Net".

I have autism, and starting at the time I started this project, 2009 - it was becoming a bigger and bigger problem in my life. See: website for information about my personal autism.

Now in 2024, I'm in my mid 50s age wise, and autism life expectancy and complications are becoming more and more factors in my work. I estimate this media project will take me 35 years in total to complete, and I'm not even half way :(

No other person has assisted or funded me on this "Fin Wake Indra Net" project other than casual conversations. But I'm reaching a point where I need video and graphics art work to create original content explaining and optimizing the courseware. As Neil Postman explained all too well in his body of work, we have moved away from books and texts into visual media - and that is my weakest area in creating original content .

I think my project has great benefit to society for education, military defense, etc. I think applying for government grants to fund the project and maybe even pay for assistance  to help with my weaknesses / autism would be a good step for 2024. But even managing the paperwork for government grants and process is something I need assistant for. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place on  seeking government grants (could be multiple NATO nations).

Introduction to the project: Fin Wake Indra Net Summary Points