Reactionary Thinking

The Reddit posting of January 14, 2024 was a protest of society. In Troubadour year 1210 tradition, which I recognize and respect.

The reactionary comments demanding a list of film examples when I immediately replied that I only had a summary of my concept and can not articulate it on demand ... not so much.

The Reddit media consumer is typically shifting context 500 times a day between cat pictures, comics, and then a serious society protest issue. Rapid instant gratification of responses seems to be an angry hostile demand people make.

Parenting Osmosis / Learning from osmosis is how Reddit thrives, but it is often a very shallow and repetitive learning. The same simple memes over and over. Cliche central. World peace and compassion for all is incredibly complex and difficult. And rage and outrage seems far more popular than trying to reform media education tools and  recognize media ecology.

Information warfare over the 2019 pandemic is only the tip of the iceberg of why I take all this so seriously. There can be worse, more deadly pandemics, and people still haven't faced up to the information warfare influence from shallow social media osmosis.  When running up to a strager is a deadly act, the same kind of behaviors of aggression that the woman was discussing about the man....

This is why I take the problem so seriously as Leo B did.

As Campbell described in 1986, this is an unsolved problm of humanity, agression: "Now, today there is no out-group anymore on the planet. And the problem of a modern religion is to have such compassion work for the whole of humanity. But then what happens to the aggression? This is a problem that the world is going to have to face -- because aggression is a natural instinct just as much as, and more immediate than, compassion, and it is always going to be there. It's a biological fact. Of course, in biblical times, when the Hebrews came in, they really wiped out the Goddess. "

And the aggression I got from Reddit peers hatefully demanding in reactionary fashion is part of that, the Parenting Osmosis topic.