02:11:32 to 02:32:11

Earwicker Pub Crawl, Playlist notes for 02:11:32 to 02:32:11 playlist

Friday January 26, 2024 composed and published for 02:11:32 Pub Craw playlist

Supertramp - School

Reading Finnegans Wake for fun : 1.1 page 3 &4.

Supertramp - Crime Of The Century

Reading Finnegans Wake for fun: 1.1 pages 9& 10.

Supertramp - Hide In Your Shell

Reading Finnegans Wake for fun : 1.1 page 5 &6.

Instant Crush | Daft Punk | Pomplamoose

Reading Finnegans Wake for fun: 1.1 Pages 13 et 14

Daft Punk | Something About Us | Pomplamoose

"Binaries & Bibliomancy: Finnegans Wake as the Western I-Ching" by Peter Quadrino

John Cage - The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs

Enter Shikari - Bloodshot (first live performance) Manchester 14.3.23

Zyzyx - Echolands


Reading Finnegans Wake for fun:1.1 pages 7&8.

Crumb - Locket [Official Video]

Reading Finnegans Wake for fun: 1.1 Pages 15 et 26

Locked in a school bus until I learn what fractals are

CD / Shutter Speed

jeffinnegans WAKE page 18

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories Cover - Teaser (Studio cover)

Reading Finnegans Wake for fun : 1.1 Pages 17 i 18

Ok, so now I can talk about the death threats

Elton John "Philadelphia Freedom" 1975 (Audio Remastered)

10 July 2021

Dreams | Fleetwood Mac | funk cover ft. Elise Trouw

jeffinnegans WAKE page 19

Everybody Wants to Rule the World | Tears for Fears | Pomplamoose

[The Radiant Dawn]

jeffinnegans WAKE page 20

Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) [Official Music Video]

TEDxMidTownNY - Howard Bloom - Every Poison is a Paradise in Waiting

jeffinnegans WAKE page 21

James Joyce's Ulysses: Awakening To The Wonder

Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick (Full Cover Version)

Jean Erdman Campbell Celebrates Her 100th Birthday at Unity

jeffinnegans WAKE page 22


The Coach with the Six Insides (1964)

A Story From Upanishads By Joseph Campbell

James Joyce's Ulysses: Episode by Episode Synopsis, Episodes One to Three.

The Police - Walking On The Moon (Official Music Video)

jeffinnegans WAKE page 23

The Spirit of Radio (Rush) • Drum Cover

Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel cover

jeffinnegans WAKE page 24

Cache-cache - Columbine - cover

Cache Cache/The Who cover

jeffinnegans WAKE page 25

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Waiting (Official Music Video)

jeffinnegans WAKE page 26

Interesting Facebook memory today... regarding that page. I sepnt Christmas/New Years/months of Mardis Gras in that area 2018-2019.

Personal associations of words and locations / names.  "Your shuck  tick’s swell. And that there texas is tow linen. The loamsome roam to Laffayette is ended."

If Finnegans Wake isn't a personal inward interpretation and journey to outward, it isn't a Wake at all, eh?

Tin Man America Dewey Bunnell Cover (with piano & bass)

Hades (part 1): James Joyce's Ulysses for Beginners #23

mornin rainy walkin U2 rockin 😎🙏

jeffinnegans WAKE page 27

Marshall McLuhan on tribalization and the loss of identity in the global village

Alan Parsons Project- Games People Play (Spiral Tribe Extended) HQ,1080p HD, Banksy's Graffiti

Sound Innovations, Book 2 - #46 Finnegan's Wake

Friday morning walking, America rockin 😎🙏

Goodbye to all my friends

Infinite Jeff page 32

jeffinnegans WAKE page 34

jeffinnegans WAKE page 35

Patricks - Finnegan's Wake | Teaser Trailer

"general failure"- Pinging Default Gateway ( with 32 bytes of data (100% loss)

jeffinnegans WAKE page 36

Eminem - Sing For The Moment (Official Music Video)

Irish traditional music :"The Boys Of The Lough" - "The Eagle's Whistle"

Colum McCann Interview: What Ulysses Did to Me

jeffinnegans WAKE page 39

Phil Collins "Against All Odds"

#ThePostalService "Against All Odds" from Wicker Park Soundtrack (Official)

jeffinnegans WAKE page 40

America - A Horse With No Name (1972)

Roger Waters – Amused to Death (cover)

James Joyce Finnegans Wake - Waywords and Meansigns at Usurp Art

Enrico Terrinoni to Krzysztof Bartnicki (alienspeak in the midst)

Finnegans Wake / Finneganów tren

"Finneganów Tren " - rozmawiają Krzysztof Bartnicki i Jan Gondowicz [fragment spotkania]

Finnegans Well (Miłkowski wg Bartnickiego wg Joyce'a)

Giorgio Moroder - live at Lowlands 2019

jeffinnegans WAKE page 41

Giorgio Moroder - Chase (1978)

Pepette from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

jeffinnegans WAKE page 42

Paul Simon contemplates faith, death and the existence of God

jeffinnegans WAKE page 43

James Joyce's Ulysses, and the Failure of Our Educational System

Seven Psalms: The Lord / Love Is Like a Braid / My Professional Opinion / Your Forgiveness /...

"Spinning Wheel" (Blood, Sweat and Tears Cover) Sugar Lime Blue #SundayShoutOut

jeffinnegans WAKE page 44

Jeff's channel stats, to get perspective on how hard it is to draw an audience to book sharing these days. I like his Simpson's icon ;)

19:17 on California time / Arizona line, Native American lands here for RoundSparrow on January 26, 2024. Published this playlist on Reddit. Rolling Release.

Beautiful Loser

January 30, 2024 late in day

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (Live 1958)

Men At Work - Be Good Johnny (Official Music Video)